Dear Expectant Mother,


         We are so grateful you are reading this to get to know us a little better. We want you to feel support in whatever choice you make for your child.  It would be our greatest honor for us get to know you better.

        We are Mara and Simon; we met in high school and have always been the dearest of friends to one another. We have both been blessed to have loving families and wonderful friends in our lives. We grew up as the oldest child in our families, and perhaps because of this have constantly taken on the caretaker role with our siblings and younger family members.  Our life together has already been so wonderful and we have almost everything we have hoped for in life... except a child. 

        We always planned on sharing our love with children. Mara has dreamt of becoming an adoptive mother for many, many years. She is an educator and has loved each and every one of her students as though they were her own. Simon has always been drawn to computers and so he pursued his degree in computer science later in life and now enjoys his career in information technology. He has been the quintessential “big brother” whether it is to one of his three siblings or one of his many cousins, and is constantly looking out for others, taking care to make sure everyone around him is doing all right.


        Becoming a parent is part of who we both are, we want nothing more than to take care of someone else.  We look forward to sharing our lives with a child and cannot wait to make each day better than the one before for them.

        Thank you for taking this time to see a glimpse of who we are.  We appreciate what a stressful decision this is for you and the choices you have to make  are difficult.  Please be reassured  that we will provide a lifetime of support and a home full of love and laughter for your baby.     

    We hope to speak with you soon,

       Mara and Simon