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Written by Simon

Mara is the strongest person that I know. She has overcome great obstacles in her life, and done so more rapidly than anyone could imagine. This is because when Mara puts her mind to something there is no stopping her. Mara is kind and compassionate in every aspect of her life. She is always thinking of others and how to make their day better. She is the first person her friends and family call when they are in need of help, because they know that she will always gives the most thoughtful advice and  there is nothing that will stop her when it come to those she loves. Her career is working with special needs students and to say she is dedicated to her students and their families is an understatement. She is a champion for many causes, including autism awareness and cancer research. She has worked to raise consciousness of the issues and to coordinate fundraisers for these and other worthy causes.

Mara and I met back in high school. We were introduced by a mutual friend,who was one of Mara’s Maids of Honor and is still a very close friend to both of us.  When I met Mara I was taken with her, she is the right balance of adorably perfect for me. I asked her to my prom and we had the time of our lives together.  This was just the start of the story for Mara and Simon. After high school, she went away to college and we drifted apart. Until years later we reconnected through other friends and since then I haven’t let Mara leave my sight.  Mara supported me to go back to school, so earn my degree. Mara is a marvelous cook, and a phenomenal hostess.Our family looks forward all year long to our holiday dinners. She makes sure that no one goes home hungry!  I know without a doubt any child would be blessed to have her for a mother. 

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