Our Family

Simon's Family

Simon and his family on our wedding day

Mara's Family

Mara and her family at a family event.

Simon and his siblings

Simon's family horsing around

Mara and her brother

Mara and her brother at a family event.

Simon's Israeli Family

Simon has lots of family who visit him from overseas.

Mara with her Goddaughter

Mara has three Godchildren. She loves being a special person in each of their lives.

Simon with a friend's son

Simon is helping a friend's son with the computer.

Mara dancing at her wedding

Mara sharing a fun moment with her cousins & flowergirls

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We are both very connected to our families and enjoy spending as much time as we can with them. Simon is the oldest of four children, he has two brothers and a sister. Mara has one younger brother.  We grew up one town apart from one another in New York. Our parents are excited to become grandparents; this will be the first grandchild for both families!

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