About Simon

Written by Mara

Simon always has a positive point of view; he can see the silver lining in every cloud.  He is patient and kind to everyone he meets.  He has enormous talent with all things computer related. He works very hard and is dedicated to all of his clients. When Simon is home typically he is listening to music, he enjoys a wide variety of music.  He loves to go to a baseball game, a concert or a theater performance. When Simon and I met in high school he was consistently up for an adventure, and he is still. Simon has always made me feel special, whether it be with a compliment, a thoughtful act or just a look, I know I am loved. Simon adores his family; he is always the first person to offer a helping hand and to extend an invitation.  He is a very proud big brother of three wonderful siblings.   He loves to sing around the house and just be silly, especially with our dog Teddy.  Simon will be a spectacular daddy!

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